TP Law has been and is currently providing legal advice to numerous multinational corporations and domestic conglomerates, utilizing the following consulting services and fee structures:

Regular Consulting

This is a common and professional consulting approach offered by TP Law. With this method, TP Law enters into a regular consulting contract with the client. Under this arrangement, the client pays a monthly fee, and TP Law provides legal advice on all legal matters arising from the client’s day-to-day business operations. This includes drafting contracts, contract review, debt recovery, legal procedures, and providing advice on legal issues such as labor discipline, corporate governance, taxation and finance, investments, and more.

Case-based Consulting

This is when clients have a need for consulting and resolving a specific case or issue that arises from their business operations, such as advisory services for drafting, signing, and managing risks related to a contract (SPA, M&A, Investment Contract, etc.), or advisory services for resolving a case involving complaints/disputes.

Fee Calculation