TP Law is a law firm specializing in providing consulting services to businesses, founded and operated by enthusiastic and experienced lawyers and associates with extensive expertise in legal areas related to business operations.

With the advantage of specialized knowledge and diverse experience in business law, TP Law will provide customers with comprehensive and perfect legal services, including:


Investment (mergers and acquisitions; establishment of companies through investment; capital contribution, purchase and sale of shares/investment projects; purchase and sale of real estate projects; securities); Corporate governance (establishment of internal governance regulations; establishment of risk control mechanisms in business operations, ...); Intellectual property (application for registration of trademarks, certificates of protection, ...); Taxation and finance; ...


Participating in litigation at a court or commercial arbitration center as a lawyer or authorized representative of the business.


Providing training for businesses on basic legal procedures to manage and control risks in business operations, such as: risk management in signing and implementing economic contracts; risk management in debt collection; risk management in internal management; skills in drafting and negotiating contracts; ...

Among them, the regular consulting services for businesses and participation in business litigation are the outstanding strengths of TP Law.

By choosing TP Law, customers will not only receive on-demand legal advice but also be advised on optimal solutions to solve any problems at the present time and minimize legal risks in the future.

TP Law always considers the interests, risks, and difficulties of customers as their own to ensure the best quality of service and the benefits of customers.